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Direct and e2e by MSD Animal Health Returns

Alongside our new distribution arrangements we have also implemented a new returns policy. The policy ensures we can maintain the high quality standards of our products and help us achieve our societal commitment to reducing waste.

We are uncompromising in delivering our quality standards, which preserve the safety and efficacy of our products at all times. A core element of our quality standards is that we require absolute certainty regarding the conditions under which our products are stored and transported at all times. We will not sell a product where the quality is put at risk and any products in this category will be destroyed.

Returning products

From 1 March we have enabled point of delivery returns. This means that if you would like to return a product you no longer require, you can hand it back to the delivery driver. You will receive a credit and the products can be made available for resale.

You will always be able to return products delivered in a damaged condition or delivered in error by the distribution partner.

Please check the details of your distribution partner’s policy for their specific returns requirements.

Reducing waste

At MSD Animal Health we believe our responsibilities to wider society extend beyond our primary goals as a business. We support the UN target to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030 through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. We are committed to working with you to minimise returns and waste. Our returns policy helps us reduce waste, because any product that had not been returned at the point of delivery would have to be destroyed.

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