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The rules for travelling to EU countries with your pet changed on 1st January 2021.

If you are planning to travel please go to for up to date travel advice, and speak to your vet.

Being a nation of animal lovers many of us enjoy sharing our holidays with our four-legged friends.

The Pet Stavel Scheme (PETS) was introduced in 2000 allowing cats, dogs and ferrets to travel, between certain countries, without being placed in quarantine, and in 2012 the rules were relaxed further making it easier for us to travel with our pets.

Post Brexit regulations mean that cats, dogs and ferrets from mainland UK can still travel to and from EU countries, while regulations in Northern Ireland differ (

Pet passports will no longer be issued in the UK, being replaced by an Animal Health Certificate (AHC). These will be completed by an Official Veterinarian (OV) within 10 days of your expected travel date, and be valid for 4 months. Speak to your vet to check they have OV status, or to find the nearest one. Pets will still require a microchip, and a rabies vaccination at least 3 weeks before travel.

It is important to remember that legislation is in place primarily to protect human health and therefore there is a lot more we can do to protect our pets. When travelling with our pets they may be exposed to diseases which are not found in the UK (known as exotic diseases).

These pages describe some of the main exotic disease risks that your pet may face when travelling within Europe and the steps that you can take to help reduce risks to your pet.

We hope you have a safe journey!


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