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Puppies and dogs vaccination schedule

8 weeks old 12 weeks old End of year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
(core vaccine) A serious viral infection, sometimes fatal
Infectious Hepatitis
(core vaccine) Infectious disease affecting the liver, kidney, eyes and lungs
Canine Parvovirus
(core vaccine) Causes severe weakness, diarrhoea and vomiting
(core vaccine) A zoonotic disease that causes liver failure
Contagious Canine Cough
(in social dogs) A highly contagious disease of a dog's respiratory tract
(in dogs travelling overseas*) A fatal viral disease spread by the bite of an infected animal

* see DEFRA website for full rules



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Vaccination Schedule

Two puppies playing with a toy

Vaccination Schedule

One of the key reasons why puppies are vaccinated early in life is so that they can be properly “socialised”, without fear of disease. Socialisation is absolutely vital to ensure a balanced and well-behaved adult dog.

Puppies should receive their first combined vaccine to protect against canine parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis and hepatitis. These vaccines can be administered from as early as 6 weeks but more commonly at around 8 weeks, A second dose is needed 2-4 weeks after. Some practices offer alternative protocols involving 3 doses that can enhance early immunity and help early socialisation.

Vaccination Schedule

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Vaccination Schedule

Regular vaccination throughout a dog’s life is important – as it ensures that they are free to explore and socialise with other dogs, without fearing becoming infected with a range of important diseases.


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