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Keep your cat healthy

Prevention is better than cure

It is better to prevent an issue, rather than treat it once it happens. The same is true when it comes to your cat’s health.

The following topics are some of the key areas where prevention can really make a difference! If you are new to cats and seeking more information, or you have had your cat for years, but want to learn more, the following sections will help answer your questions.

If you want to learn more, visit our social media channels, and speak with your vet about how prevention can help your cat stay healthy.

Parasite protection, vaccinations and diabetes care in cats page links


Fleas and ticks can be one of the issues that pet owners struggle most with to manage, as these pesky parasites can appear unexpectantly on your cat. Learn how you can better deal with these parasites to keep them under control.

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Infectious diseases can be a real danger to pets and they can be prevented by regularly vaccinating. Visit our vaccine page to learn more about why we advise pet vaccination in the UK.

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Diabetes is an issue that can affect cats, but often pet owners don't know how to spot the signs. Use our risk assessment quiz to learn if your cat is at a greater risk of being diagnosed with diabetes

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Travelling abroad with your cat?

Before you travel with your pet outside of the UK...

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Big Flea and Tick Projects

Are fleas and ticks local to your cat? How can you protect them and you?


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