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Why protect against fleas?

With 1 in 4 cats found to be carrying them, the parasite most owners worry about is fleas. Year round continuous protection is needed to stop these critters irritating your cat and infesting your home.

Not only do fleas cause itching and scratching but they can carry diseases that are harmful to your pet, you and your family.

Why protect against ticks?

Another external parasite to ensure you protect your cat from is the tick. These clever little blood-suckers come from the spider family and are well known carriers of disease.

With milder winters in the UK they have become a year-round problem for pets as well as humans, so prevention is key.

Map of tick threat risk

Map of UK indicating areas of high-low tick risk

Map of tick threat risk


This interactive tick map, created from The Big Tick Project results, helps to show risk in your local area.

Big Flea and Tick Projects

Cat laying under blankets

Big Flea and Tick Projects


Because fleas and ticks can potentially cause harm to our pets and families, we wanted to find out more about the risks they pose. We teamed up with scientists at Bristol University and Vet Practices across Great Britain to investigate the prevalence of ticks and fleas on cats and dogs, and also to find out what diseases these common parasites were carrying.

Find out more about the results of these projects here.


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