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See what things you need to consider to ensure that your dog stays protected on your holiday.

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Increasingly we are taking our dogs away with
us on holidays within the UK. What some
people don’t realise is that different areas of the
UK present different health risks for our pets so
it is important to consult our vets before travel
to ensure our pets stay protected.

We are a nation of pet lovers

Dog laying down with cat laying in front

We are a nation of pet lovers

As pet owners, we cherish long and healthy relationships with our furry best friends. But knowing how to keep our pets healthy can be a daunting task. Keeping Britain's Pets Healthy provides you with a reliable source of information for all you need to know about key topics of preventative healthcare.

We have done the hard work for you, giving you more time to spend with your beloved pets. No matter if you are a new cat parent or nursing your elderly dog – together, we can keep Britain’s pets healthier for longer.

Infectious diseases

Ranging from protection against parasites and disease prevention to senior pet care –
we’ve got you covered.

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Learn more about diseases, vaccines and more related to your cat

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Learn more about diseases, vaccines and more related to your dog

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Learn more about diseases, vaccines and more related to your rabbit

Why do we vaccinate pets?

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Why do we vaccinate pets?

Vaccination has been one of the great success stories of veterinary medicine and has saved thousands of animals. But these days - thanks, largely, to vaccination - infectious disease is much less obvious even though these important diseases still circulate amongst the pet population.

In recent years there's been discussion in the media about pet booster vaccinations. Are they really essential to your pets health? What are the benefits of vaccination?

The Big Tick and Big Flea Projects

MSD Animal Health have worked to research the most common parasite threats to the nation’s dogs and cats: fleas and ticks. 

See the threat identified in these studies to your pet with our parasite maps.

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Our studies

What have the studies shown us?

Headshot of a Dalmatian

Map of threats

Find out where fleas and ticks are found

Dog scratching outside, showing signs of a flea infestation

Why protect

Fleas and ticks aren’t just an itchy nuisance...

What is pet diabetes?

Hexagon shaped image of cat laying down

What is pet diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a common condition that affects the concentration of glucose, or sugar, in your pet’s blood. Diabetes occurs when your pet’s body makes too little insulin, stops producing it completely, or doesn’t utilise insulin properly which prevents the conversion of food to energy.


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