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At the forefront of microchip technology and pet recovery services

Leave the hassle behind with an advanced range of innovative microchips at the forefront of animal identification and monitoring. Designed to help you care for animals with the minimum of fuss.

More Than Just Identification.

HomeAgain® is a range of high-quality bio-glass identification microchips for cats, dogs and horses that are used to identify the animal, and their owner. Sitting within the HomeAgain microchip range is HomeAgain Thermochip®, a new generation of identification microchips that incorporate an integrated temperature biosensor. This enables an animal's temperature and identification number to be read simultaneously via a non-invasive stress-free method.

Helping Bring Lost Pets Home: A Database at the Forefront of Technology.​​

We're committed to helping pets stay safe with their families. HomeAgain's Pet Recovery Database offers you and your clients a suite of benefits: 


Blue Lock within blue box

Robust DEFRA-compliant database

Ensuring personal information is always safe and secure and never shared with third parties.

UK based support blue box

Round the clock support 

24/7 UK based customer support.

Blue Piggy Bank

Easy to update data without financial penalty

Registration, multiple contacts per chip, contact detail update and transfer of keepership - all free of charge.

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Stay up-to-date

Automated prompts to encourage contact details to be kept up-to-date to reduce the frustration of out-of-date contact information delaying reunification.

Follow our sign-up process below Arrow pointing down

1. Visit the HomeAgain website by clicking the button below:



2. Go to the Professionals' login:

HomeAgain homepage navigating to professionals' login

3. Create your account using your Customer Number, postcode and password.

Your Customer Number is your MSD Animal Health Customer Account Number. You can find this number in the top right hand box of any invoice you receive from MSD Animal Health. If you do not have a MSD Animal Health Customer Account Number, please contact HomeAgain Customer Support on 01954 774433. Agents are available 24/7 to assist.

HomeAgain 'Let's create your account' webpage

4. Register an animal by adding the unique 15 digit I.D. number.

Login to your professional portal account to register a microchip on behalf of your clients.


Image of Register Patient Online HomeAgain webpage

 Alternatively automated registration is possible using Vet Envoy and the practice management system.

5. Sign up to the HomeAgain Pet Finder Community.

The HomeAgain Pet Finder Community is a network of volunteers who help lost or abandoned pets in times of need. Comprised of veterinary practices, animal welfare organisations, and pet lovers alike, the HomeAgain Pet Finder Community are notified of any reported lost pets in a 10-mile radius of their location to help reunite missing pets with their owners.

Veterinary professionals, like you, play a key role in the care and recovery of lost pets; the HomeAgain Pet Finder Community is set up to support you, your colleagues and your clients by helping more lost pets and owners reunite.

We are currently building our community before going live in 2023.  Please register your practice to be part of the HomeAgain Pet Finder Community today on the professional portal.

To report an adverse reaction or product-related problem with HomeAgain microchips please fill in an adverse event form alternatively call MSD Animal Health on 01908 685685.

For any further questions please contact us at and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.


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