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Livestock Monitoring

Livestock Monitoring
Taking the guesswork out of herd management

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What is SenseHub®?

The SenseHub livestock monitoring system puts you in control of your herd. With live heat detection and early warning health alerts, SenseHub enables you to quickly and reliably make better decisions to increase your herd’s fertility performance, maximise productivity and avoid impending health problems.

By using live data, SenseHub takes the guesswork out of herd management by accurately and reliably monitoring the current health and fertility status of individual cows and heifers and groups of animals to save you time, money and hassle.

  • Simple to operate with easy to understand graphs and tables which can be viewed on PC, tablet and smart phone.
  • Animals in heat or needing attention are identified, often before visual detection is possible, enabling you to plan your working day more effectively.
  • The system saves you time by ‘watching the cows 24 hours a day’ and acts as an early warning system with animal health and heat alerts sent direct to your device.
cattle livestock monitoing from sensehub casing and ear tag


How SenseHub works:

SenseHub offers the choice of intelligent monitoring ear tag or monitoring neck tag, both of which use advanced electronics to constantly measure subtle activity and behavioural patterns associated with fertility status and rumen function to determine when cows and heifers are in heat, when they are showing irregular heat patterns, or to provide an early warning of ill health or distress.

Tailored to your farm business objectives

With three application plans to choose from, there's a SenseHub system for every size and type of farming system.

Choose from reproduction, health or group monitoring or a combination of all three to build a system which meets your specific requirements. 

illustration of two cows reproducing representing sensehub starter


Reproduction monitoring.

Animals in heat

Anoestrous cows

Irregular heats

Suspected abortion

Expected calving and drying off report

Fertility summary

illustration of two cows reproducing representing sensehub advanced


Reproduction and health monitoring.

All Starter applications plus:

Animals to inspect

Health reports

Early fresh cow reports

Animal distress reports and alerts

illustration of two cows reproducing representing sensehub premium


Reproduction, health and group monitoring.

All Starter and
Advanced applications plus:

Group heat stress

Group consistency

Group Routine


Actionable information

SenseHub makes things simple by presenting your herd’s data in a clear and easy to understand format that allows you to monitor the key aspects of your herd’s performance. Data is collated based on subtle animal movements and behavioural patterns and then analysed through a set of complicated algorithms in order to provide you with actionable information.

illustration representing heat monitoring with sensehub


SenseHub provides heat data with precise insemination timing guidance for better reproduction efficiency.

illustration representing health monitoring with sensehub


SenseHub automatically generates health alerts to provide an early warning of the onset of potential health issues – often before any clinical symptoms have been seen.

illustration representing transition monitoring with sensehub


SenseHub acts as your eyes and ears in the run up to and following calving to ensure you remain fully aware of any potential health or stress problems during this critical phase in the cow’s reproductive cycle.

illustration representing nutrition monitoring with sensehub


SenseHub collates feeding pattern and rumination information from each group of animals to help you see how they react to dietary changes and to identify potential problems associated with nutritional irregularities.

illustration representing heat stress monitoring with sensehub

Heat Stress

SenseHub can even tell when your cows are feeling the heat: by monitoring how frequently and heavily they are breathing, SenseHub™ can warn you if your herd is suffering from behaviours assosiated with heat stress so that you can take action to minimise any negative effects.

illustration representing routine monitoring with sensehub


SenseHub watches over your dairy herd 24/7 and will provide an alert if it detects any sudden behaviour changes: whether these changes are planned or unplanned, you’ll immediately be able to take action to minimise the effect these changes have on your herd’s productivity and fertility.

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