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Does Your Horse Need Help This Winter?

The winter months bring challenges to many horses.  Colder temperatures and inclement weather mean poorer pasture quality and fewer nutrients in grass, often resulting in horses struggling to maintain condition.  Horses are usually stabled for a larger proportion of the time, often reducing their access to forage and exposing them to management changes.

All of these factors can also lead to an imbalance of the beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the gut (dysbiosis), further impacting hindgut health and horse’s condition.  In order to help prevent this it is advisable to feed your horse a supplement containing both prebiotics and postbiotics to help to maintain a healthy balance of microflora.

Feeding Coopers® Gut helps to support the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, improving digestion and therefore helping to maintain body condition.  Furthermore, Coopers Gut Support is also naturally rich in free amino acids which help to maintain body condition.

horse in winter


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