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Coopers® Gut Range Questions and Answers

  • What are prebiotics?

    Prebiotics act as food for the healthy bacteria in a horse’s gut. They are non-digestible food ingredients.

  • What are postbiotics?

    Postbiotics have a positive effect on the beneficial bacteria within the horse’s gut. They are bacterial by-products, such as short chain fatty acids and bacterial cell walls, produced during the fermentation process.

  • Do I also need to feed probiotics?

    The combination of pre and postbiotics help to support a horse’s own balance of gut bacteria, which means there is no need to add additional probiotic (external bacteria) supplementation.

  • When should I consider using The Coopers Gut Range?

    Horses have evolved as trickle feeders designed to be chewing and eating roughage for 16-18 hours a day. Any factor which changes the balance of microflora in a horse’s gut can lead to dysbiosis and inflammation.  

    • Such imbalances can arise from: 
    • Diet and management changes – including when seasons change i.e. going into winter 
    • Diet – high cereal/low forage diet 
    • Stress 
    • Strenuous exercise or competition 
    • Transport 
    • Antibiotic therapy 
    • Chronic medications, particularly in older horses 

    Foals are born with very few bacteria in their guts and colostrum helps colonisation with beneficial microflora. Insufficient colostrum, weaning and foal heat diarrhoea are all instances where imbalances may arise. 

  • What are the products in The Coopers Gut Range? And when should I use them?

    The Coopers Gut Range contains 3 key products to help support your horse’s hindgut: 

    • Coopers® Gut Equalise is ideal for short term use during periods of expected stress and digestive imbalance in adults in foals such as transport or weaning. 
    • Coopers® Gut Support is designed for longer term use to help maintain normal gut function. During periods of high energy requirements or during recovery and convalescence Coopers Gut Support can help maintain body condition.  
    • Coopers® Gut Assist contains smectite and is designed for short term using where there is digestive disturbance in adults and foals during periods of stress such as turnout. 
  • How long should I feed Coopers Gut Support for?

    Coopers Gut Support is designed to be fed for longer term gut maintenance, up to 6 weeks.

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