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Travel Checklist

There are so many things to think about before you go abroad with your pet so we have created this pre travel check list to help you to ensure that nothing gets forgotten and that your pet is well protected for your holiday. This list is also available to download, at the bottom of the page, to allow you to keep working on it.

Is your pet microchipped?

Is your pet vaccinated against rabies?

Have you allowed 21 days between primary rabies vaccination and travel*?

*Wait period not applicable for boosters

Have you got a pet passport?

Have you planned your dogs worming treatment whilst away and on return to the UK?

Have you got appropriate tick, sandfly and mosquito control?

Is your pet up to date with its annual vaccinations?

If you are travelling to a Leishmania endemic area have you discussed Leishmania
vaccination* with your vet?

*Dogs only

Have you discussed the disease risks in your destination of travel with your vet?

Have you read our top tips for travel?