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Vaccine Safety

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Vaccine Safety

Like other human and animal vaccines, pet vaccines are tested thoroughly for both safety and efficacy before they are authorised, and scrupulous batch quality control ensures that only products of the highest quality are released for use. As with any medicinal product, whether for human or animal use, an adverse reaction is possible. But serious adverse reactions are exceptionally rare.

Pet owners are under no legal obligation to vaccinate their animals, but it is highly recommended by veterinary surgeons and in scientific evidence as vaccines offer significant protection for the pet population. In the case of diseases like rabies and leptospirosis, pet vaccination also reduces the risk of infection for people. 


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Why do we vaccinate pets?

Vaccination plays a pivotal role in keeping your pets healthy and safe.

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Titre testing


Serological titre testing involves taking a blood sample to determine the levels of antibodies...

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Immune system


Our pet's immune system is highly complex...


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