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How testing can prove useful

If there is a concern that your pet may not have responded correctly to vaccination then a titre test can provide useful reassurance.

A good example, would be in the unlikely event that an animal may have a serious allergic reaction to previous vaccination.

A positive result for would then give reassurance that the animal is still likely to immune at that moment in time – it, however, only gives a snap shot of current immune status.

Is measuring antibodies through titre testing a viable alternative to annual booster vaccination?


    dog vetclinic corporate
    dog vetclinic corporate

    Titre testing, particularly for dogs is sometimes cited as a possible alternative to routine booster vaccination. However, there are various important factors to consider:


    1. Many of the vaccines in use for dogs and cats are already licensed for use at intervals of 3 years or more, but there are still parts of the vaccine that need to be boosted annually to ensure optimum immunity irrespective of the results of such tests.
    2. There are a range of diseases which pets are vaccinated against for which there is not a good correlation between antibody level and immunity.
    3. The result gives a snapshot picture of antibody levels at the time of the test and cannot predict what future declines in immunity may be.
    4. Titre testing can add significant cost to vaccination when some vaccine components would still be advised each year.
    5. There is no evidence that reducing the number of components given within a single dose of vaccine will have a significant impact on what is already a rare risk of adverse reactions.


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