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Our studies

Our studies

Vet showing owner how to check their cat for parasites

Our studies

Working closely with the nation’s vets, we asked practices to examine pets at random, and to collect and send in any ticks and fleas found. We partnered with the University of Bristol who monitored and analysed the responses.

The results have proved extremely valuable, providing a clearer picture of the threat fleas and ticks carry to both pets and humans.

The Big Flea Project

The Big Flea Project was launched in spring 2018 and aimed to map the many flea species in the UK and discover the diseases they carry.

The Big Tick Project

The Big Tick Project was launched in April 2015 with the aim to raise awareness about the threat tick borne diseases can be to pets and humans.

A dog next to the text Protect Our Future Too

Have you seen fleas and ticks in winter when you thought they were only in spring and summer? How has your pet coped with our scorching hot summers? How are seasonal changes impacting the affect of our pets' health?

Therefore we have teamed up with 21 scientists from across Europe to discuss how seasonal changes are impacting the health of our pets and we will work with vets and pet owners to plan and act on how to protect them now and in the future.

More information coming soon!


Further information


Headshot of a Dalmatian

Map of threats

This interactive tick map, created from The Big Tick Project results, helps to show risk in your local area.

Dog and cat laying on a sofa together

Why protect against fleas?

Fleas can cause severe irritation leading to infection of the skin...

Cat laying on a woman's lap outside

Why protect against ticks?

In the UK, ticks can carry various germs including the bacteria that causes Lyme disease...


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