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Why do we vaccinate pets?

Dog and cat pictured laying down inside together

Why do we vaccinate pets?

Vaccination has been one of the great success stories of veterinary medicine and has saved countless thousands of animals.

But these days - thanks, largely, to vaccination - infectious disease is much less obvious even though these important diseases still circulate amongst the pet population.

Why protect against fleas

A dog and cat laying inside on a sofa together

Why protect against fleas

The Big Flea Project found that 1 in 4 cats and 1 in 7 dogs selected at random were found to be carrying fleas.

Travelling pets

Headshot of a dog with their tounge out

Travelling pets

If you are travelling abroad with your pet you are likely to face a relatively long car journey and a warm climate on arrival at your destination...


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A pet dog and cat lying together on the floor



Diabetes mellitus is a common condition that affects the concentration of glucose, or sugar, in your pet’s blood.

A dog and a cat pictured outside together

Big Flea and Tick Projects

MSD Animal Health have worked to research the most common parasite threats to the nation’s dogs and cats...

A cat and a dog lying under a blanket together

Reducing risk


Reducing the risk of infectious disease during lockdown


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