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good travel carrier for a rabbit

A spacious carrier: A puppy or cat carrier with an easy entrance from above will give the rabbit more room and allow a less stressful entry into the carrier

familiarise rabbit with travel carrier

Familiarity: Allow the rabbit to become accustomed to the carrier at home before travelling e.g. place the carrier in the rabbits run with bedding or treats inside for the pet to explore

rabbit heat stress when travelling

Keep the car cool: Rabbits overheat easily, and this can cause stress. Try to park the car in the shade and/or ventilate/ air condition the car well before travel.

low stress travel with rabbits

Drive smoothly: If possible drive smoothly, rabbits are easily alarmed by sudden car movements breaking or bumps can alarm a rabbit

keeping rabbits occupied during travel

Provide toys and/or food: In the carrier to keep the rabbit occupied during the journey


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