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What is Myxomatosis?

It is mainly transmitted by biting insects (e.g mosquitoes and fleas) but can also be spread with close contact between rabbits.


How does Myxomatosis affect your rabbit?

Unfortunately, this disease causes tumour-like swellings around the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and genital region.

Additionally, a high fever, immune suppression and secondary respiratory infections

are unfortunately likely to result in death in most cases.



It is a highly distressing disese for which there is no specific treatment.


What can I do as a rabbit owner?

The best way of preventing diseases is through vaccination. Consult your vet to book a vaccination for your rabbit. During the consultation your vet will also examine your rabbit thoroughly and provide professional advice on keeping them healthy.


Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD)


What is RHD?

A highly infectious and widespread disease caused by a virus which often results in sudden death. You may have heard of different forms or 'strains' of RHD, but what actually are these?

When RHD first emerged in the UK in the 1980s it was caused by a virus strain called RHD-1. In 2010 a new strain, which is now the dominant cause of RHD in the UK, emerged called RHD-2.


How is RHD contracted?

Through close contact and biting insects, such as mosquitos and fleas. The virus is able to survive anywhere infectious rabbits have been and can last in the environment, e.g. the hutch, enclosure or family house for months.


How does RHD affect your rabbit?

Unfortunately, the first sign of the disease can be death. The virus acts quickly and often without detection.


What can I do as a rabbit owner?

As this disease can't be treated, the best thing you can do for your rabbit is keep their vaccinations up to date. Given the increasing prevalence of RHD-2 in the UK, vaccination is more important than ever. Taking your rabbit for their yearly preventative health consultation and vaccination will help keep them protected against these diseases.




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