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Indoor Rabbits

Rabbits are very curious animals and love to explore. It is important that any wiring or cables are covered, and that any electrical, valuable or sharp items are out of reach.

Outdoor Rabbits

Rabbits need a hutch as well as a secure outdoor area, preferably on grass. It is also vital that you are aware of any predators as rabbits are prey animals and are likely to panic.

tips for a rabbit good rabbit house Here are some tips:

→ Provide access to hiding places in the hutch with multiple entrances
→ Make sure that the hutch and enclosures are as secure as possible with locks
→ Raise outdoor hutches above ground level
→ Surround the hutch with a protective fence
→ Bring rabbits indoors at night

A common misconception amongst owners is that your rabbit will know which plants are dangerous, and avoid eating them. Unfortunately, this is not the case so make sure you have thoroughly checked the area before letting you rabbit forage.




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