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Reducing the risk for cat owners

Since many diseases can be spread direct from cat to cat (e.g. cat ‘flu, feline leukaemia) it is important to try to minimise contact with other cats – especially where there may be stray cats in the area:

  • Keep cats indoors where possible (provided this doesn’t cause excessive stress to your cat), if not then limit their time outdoors to during the day and try to bring them in overnight when cats are typically more active, to reduce the risk of cats fighting
  • Maintain effective control against fleas and ticks to minimise risks from these parasites
  • Avoid petting cats and dogs that do not belong to you to avoid passing on diseases to them from your hands

If you have any concerns regarding your cat’s health, please ring your veterinary practice. They will provide you with advice and guidance on how to manage concerns during this time.

Reducing disease risk for dogs

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Reducing disease risk for pets


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