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Introducing VetsDeliver – a new way to help keep your pets healthy!

Imagine never having to remember when your pet’s flea, tick and worm treatments are due. Imagine instead receiving your pet’s tailored prescription dispensed and delivered to your door.

What could be more convenient?

VetsDeliver, available through your vet practice, does just that. It helps prevent you forgetting a treatment, and ensures your pet, your family and your home will be protected. One flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a day: imagine what one flea can do when we forget to protect our pets?!

No more post-it notes on the fridge…

…or scribbles on your calendar. Each treatment will arrive through your door – easy parasite protection for your pet, family and home.

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Speak to your vet to find out if VetsDeliver is available at your practice.

Your vet will:

 - provide your pet with a health assessment

 - prescribe and dispense appropriate parasite protection

You set up a Direct Debit and future parasite protection is delivered to your door.

Your vet will need to see your pet once or twice a year for a health assessment.