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SenseHub Dairy

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SenseHub® Dairy
Find freedom and flexibility through a deeper connection to your animals

SenseHub Dairy is flexible monitoring solution that tracks a range of critical markers to deliver a single, accessible source of insight into your herd. State-of-the-art capabilities can be customised to create a comprehensive picture of animal status across the production cycle and highlight new opportunities to advance the efficiency and productivity of your farm – from calf to cow.

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Now with the SenseHub Dairy system installed, I have reproduction, well-being, nutrition, and milk insights all in one system.
Bawnlusk Dairy, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

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Monitor animal status and track data
SenseHub Dairy enables you to identify and observe animals round the clock, in order to track behaviors and detect changes that may indicate a key event or possible health issue.

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Turn information into actionable insights
SenseHub Dairy system analyzes the collected data to deliver actionable insights and status reports that are sent directly to you and your team – including alerts for animals requiring your attention.

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Leverage insights for operational gains
SenseHub Dairy’s integrated ecosystem leverages individual or group insights to improve animal well-being and enhance workflow efficiency – while easily integrating with other solutions, such as herd management systems.

Measure where it matters

Milk Quality Insights

SenseHub Dairy
In-Line MilkPlus Sensor

Actionable insights into your cow’s milk quality and yield – no matter which milking parlor type or brand.

Monitoring critical milk data such as yield, fat, protein, lactose, blood, and conductivity, you have instant visibility into milk trends for individual cows and your entire herd.

With all the information stored and displayed in the SenseHub Dairy system, you have access to it where and when you need it. So that you can make more informed decisions based on individual and herd data.

Milk Monitoring

SenseHub Dairy
In-Line Somatic Cell Count Sensor

Providing individual SCC results in under two minutes.

The SenseHub In-Line Somatic Cell Count (SCC) Sensor provides somatic cell counts for individual cows at the milking point within two minutes of cupping – automatically, without disrupting the milking routine, and with all results stored and displayed in the SenseHub Dairy system.

SenseHub Dairy’s SCC sensor works with any existing parlor type – fitting into your milking routine with no additional steps.

With the NEW fully integrated SenseHub Dairy In-Line MilkPlus Sensor and the SenseHub Dairy In-Line Somatic Cell Count (SCC) Sensor, the SenseHub Dairy milk monitoring solution provides you with milk yield and quality insights.


When you automatically connect SenseHub sorting gates to the SenseHub Dairy system – whether with monitoring tags or EID tags – you’ll quickly experience the power of automation for:

  • Improving work efficiency by simplifying routine tasks to save time
  • Reducing labor costs with automated actions driven by your SenseHub Dairy insights
  • Stress-free sorting of animals to improve their welfare and milk yield
  • Regulating access to pens or pasture by facilitating animal traffic


SenseHub Dairy gives you multiple points of support, from selfguided tools to dedicated technical assistance, to resolve issues fast and ensure you get the maximum value from your investment.

We know there’s no substitute for a friendly face who’s invested in your success. Our global network of local teams work with you to ensure the success of your monitoring system, from seamless installation to ongoing technical support.

For everyday queries on how to use your monitoring software, SenseHub Dairy Discover provides timely, practical in-platform information. Integrated tooltips and guides explain key features and help you uncover the insights that matter most to you.

The Technical Support is outstanding. They always come quickly to help if there is an issue and they’re always all very knowledgeable.
Kirkhouse Farm, UK

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in animals. For the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of disease in animals, you should consult your veterinarian. The accuracy of the data collected and presented through this product is not intended to match that of medical devices or scientific measurement devices.



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