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GO monthly subscription
for SenseHub® Monitoring

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SenseHub GO is a simple and affordable subscription model for SenseHub Dairy, SenseHub Cow-Calf and Dataflow II monitoring solutions.

It enables farmers to access these advanced systems with zero upfront cost and flexibility to change or add to their solution as their needs evolve. With a GO subscription, all equipment, installation, tags, and applications are included in the monthly fee.



  • Available for SenseHub Dairy, SenseHub Cow-Calf and DataFlow II
  • Supports multiple populations on the farm – cows & heifers
  • Allows mixed applications plans on the same farm: Starter, Advanced and Premium
  • Allows mixed tags on the same farm – monitoring ear tags and monitoring neck tag
  • Includes prioritised service and support
  • Warranty on all hardware and tags for the duration of the subscription
  • Onsite and remote training included
  • Subscriptions are available as multi-year contracts, with exit points according to the contract, and automatic renewal each subsequent year
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Ready. Set. GO!

Bring advanced monitoring to your farm with no up-front costs

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Get access to the full capabilities of the monitoring solution with no upfront costs, just an affordably-priced monthly payment.


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The GO subscriptions is calculated as a monthly fee per tag according to the application plan level. It is easy to order, and the billing statement is simple and easy to understand.

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Provides support for mixed populations, tags and application plans on the farm, and can be upgraded as needs change.

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Peace of mind

A no-risk option, giving you access to new features, continuous service and no unexpected costs.

Advanced Monitoring Solution to collect and analyse
critical data for individual animals

SenseHub technology monitors millions of animals worldwide. Our solutions collect and interpret critical data for every tagged individual animal, delivering timely insights for managing reproduction, heaIth, and nutrition. Using our monitoring solutions, producers can increase production efficiency, improve livestock well-being, and improve profit potential.

farmer using GO subscription app on mobile from Sensehub

Monitoring System

illustration representing cows being monitored using monitoring collars

SenseHub monitoring solutions deliver actionable insight, based on unmatched heat detection and real-time reproduction and health monitoring, for optimal productivity and management. Our monitoring technology is used daily to watch over millions of cows, with installations at tens of thousands of farms worldwide. 

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