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Prevention and Vaccination

Prevention - the number one strategy for a healthy flock

UK sheep are often exposed to disease-causing organisms; many of the common threats are preventable by vaccination.

Preventative healthcare is a proactive approach to managing flock health and may include a combination of vaccines and parasiticides alongside good nutrition, management and environmental measures.


  • ...boost immunity and protect from the threat of disease over time
  • ...are often made from weakened or killed forms of the disease-causing microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins
  • ...have made a major contribution to improving sheep health and productivity and are vital components in preventing a wide variety of diseases

Remember: vaccines should not be confused with injectable parasiticides or antibiotics - to which resistance may develop.


  • ...are substances used in medicine and veterinary medicine to kill parasites

Active preventative healthcare also ensures that antibiotics are only used when appropriate, with direction from a proactive sheep vet, if disease does strike. Visit the RUMA website and for more information.

Below is our list of vaccines to be used to provide active acquired immunity to particular diseases.

Detailed information for each vaccine is available from the product datasheet on the NOAH website.

Heptavac® P Plus
Combined 7-in-1 clostridial plus pasteurella vaccine, for comprehensive clostridial disease and pasteurellosis protection; the best option for the majority of sheep producers.

Ovivac® P Plus
Combined 4-in-1 clostridial plus pasteurella vaccine, for finishing lambs: to provide basic clostridial disease and pasteurellosis protection until slaughter.

For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid to the prevention of footrot and reduction of lesions of footrot caused by serotypes of Dichelobacter nodosus.

For the active immunisation of susceptible breeding female sheep to reduce the effects of infection by Toxoplasma gondii, namely early embryonic death, barrenness and abortion.

Scabivax® Forte
For the active immunisation of sheep and lambs against Orf to reduce clinical signs and / or lesions of the disease.

BravoxinTM 10
Combined 10-in-1 clostridial vaccine, the broadest possible clostridial disease protection. Best option for flocks where C. sordellii and C. perfringens A are suspected / identified problems.

For the active immunisation of susceptible female breeding sheep to reduce abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus infection.

Combined 4-in-1 clostridial vaccine, protecting lambs during the first weeks of life.

OvipastTM Plus 
For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid in the control of pasteurellosis caused by M. haemolytica and P. trehalosi.

Vaccination masterclass
To help ensure your vaccination performs as intended, visit our Toolbox to watch our masterclass videos and download our planners.




Heptavac® P Plus contains combined Clostridia, Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi vaccine antigens. POM-VPS
Ovivac® P Plus contains combined Clostridia, Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi vaccine antigens. POM-VPS
Footvax® contains Dichelobacter nodosus vaccine antigens. POM-VPS
Toxovax® contains Toxoplasma gondii. POM-V
Scabivax® Forte contains Orf virus. POM-V
Bravoxin® 10 contains Clostridia vaccine antigens. POM-VPS
Enzovax® contains live attenuated Chlamydophila abortus. POM-V
LambivacTM contains Clostridia vaccine antigens.  POM-VPS
OvipastTM Plus contains Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi vaccine antigens. POM‑VPS
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Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber.
Use Medicines Responsibly.


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