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Flock Health Checklist - How To Use

Flock Health Checklist
How To Use

Instructions for Completing the Checklist:

  • To complete your own checklist, complete all five sections with your vet. Ensure you are using data from the most recent lambing period.
  • Each section is made up of 10 questions, and is scored out of 20. 
  • For each of the questions, choose the most appropriate statement for your farm by circling the score next to your chosen answer. 
  • Add up the scores in each section to give you a total section score out of 20.
Image of blank flock health checklist graph


Once all the sections are completed, plot the total section scores on the graph and sum all the section scores to give your overall score out of 100.

With the help of your vet, you can then create an action plan for improvement.

Example Questions

Find an example of a question from each of the five sections below.

The Breeding Period and Early Pregnancy

Example of question from section 1


Late Pregnancy and Lambing

Image of example question from section 2


Growth, Weaning and Sale

Image of example question from section 3


Disease and Biosecurity

Example of question from section 4


Monitoring Flock Performance

Example of question from section 5



Creating Your Action Plan

In the example (right) the graph highlights that the farmer is doing well with the breeding period and early pregnancy management, late pregnancy and lambing and growing lamb management, and should now focus on disease and biosecurity and monitoring flock performance to improve performance on their farm.

Example of a completed graph

From these results you and your vet can come up with the action plan, focusing on the key areas which have been highlighted using the table provided in the checklist.

Focus on what is to be achieved by whom and on what timescale.

Don't Forget!

Review actions which arise from this checklist at least every 6 months to keep on track and check progress! 

Repeating the checklist every 12 months will help to track progress and benchmark performance from one year to another.

Complete your own Flock Health Checklist by contacting your vet today!


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