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Flock Health Checklist - Disease and Biosecurity

Flock Health Checklist
Disease and Biosecurity

You work hard to make sure your flock is fit and healthy, so it’s important to take every measure possible to prevent the introduction of problems which could put your whole business at risk.

Below is an introduction to some of the stages covered in this section. To access the full information, and complete your own checklist, speak to your vet today.


All sheep moving onto the premises should be subject to quarantine protocols, whether they’ve just been purchased or are your own sheep returning from grazing elsewhere.

Your vet will advise you on the most appropriate treatments to administer.

Image of sheep being quarantined

What Diseases and Problems Can You Buy In?

Some of the diseases and problems that you can buy in include lameness, Orf, ectoparasites, infectious eye disease and infectious abortion (EAE, toxoplasmosis).

Refer to the disease and biosecurity section of the Flock Health Checklist for advice on reducing the risks.

Appropriate vaccinations help protect your flock from incoming disease, but will also help protect bought-in sheep from diseases which could be endemic in your own flock1.

Which Diseases are a Risk For Both Open and Closed Flocks?

Pasteurellosis is one of the biggest causes of death in all ages of sheep caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and Bibersteinia trehalosi2

Clostridial disease is common and the bacteria are found everywhere in the soil and tissues of the body. These diseases have a rapid onset and are almost invariably fatal.

Find further information about these diseases and the importance of vaccination in the Flock Health Checklist.

Image of person vaccinating a sheep

Monitoring of ewe Body Condition Score (BCS) is vital throughout the year to detect disease and ensure nutrition is appropriate.

Vaccination Technique

Technique is critical when using vaccines in livestock.

The Flock Health Checklist provides advice on correct vaccination technique.

You can also view our Masterclass Vaccination Videos for support

Image of administrating vaccination to sheep

Speak to your vet to complete your personalised Flock Health Checklist!


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2. Fallen Stock Project 2014-15 – Ben Strugnell, Fallen Stock Collection Centre, CountyDurham


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