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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassadors Tim & Louise Cook

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassadors
Tim & Louise Cook

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassadors Tim and Louise Cook
  • Beef, sheep and arable enterprise
  • 2,500 acre tenant farm near Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • The Cookes farm alongside Louise’s parents
  • 550-head flock of North Country Mules/Lleyn sheep from scratch, which lamb indoors in March
  • Low-input suckler herd with 30 Hereford X cows

High health status has remained a priority for Tim and Louise while transitioning from dairy farming to beef and sheep in recent years.

Moving from the Midlands to Hampshire, they retained a few cows to start a suckler herd, and continued to monitor closely for key disease threats. 

They also built a flock from scratch, helped by Louise’s knowledge as a qualified vet, alongside working with Sarah Mortimer at Livestock Partnership Vets in Petworth.

One of the main issues facing their flock has been lameness, which they have minimised by vaccinating.

They also invest in EAE and toxoplasmosis, clostridial disease and pasteurellosis immunisation.


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