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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador Rhidian Glyn

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador
Rhidian Glyn

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassador Rhydian Glyn


  • 700-acre Welsh hill tenant farm near Machynlleth, Mid Wales
  • 900 ewes and replacements
  • Contract rears 200 Kiwi-cross dairy heifers every year
  • Closed flock apart from the occasional Welsh or Aberfield tup
  • Twins lamb indoors and singles outdoors in spring, with lambs sold through Dunbia

From a non-farming background, Rhidian’s dedication to succeed and willingness to learn from others was recognised with the ‘New Entrant’ Award at the 2018 British Farming Awards.

He has invested significant time and resources into performance recording, to help grow his flock and prioritise high health and productivity.

Working with Williams Vets, Rhidian is committed to the Five Point Plan and is a strong advocate of lameness vaccination for his sheep.

He also vaccinates the flock against EAE and toxoplasmosis, clostridial diseases and pasteurellosis.

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