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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador Neil Brown

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador
Neil Brown

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassador Neil Brown


  • Family-owned farm 900’ above sea level near Ludlow, Shropshire
  • 350 acres plus 50 acres grass keep farmed with his father Lewis
  • 900-ewe flock consisting of homebred pedigree Suffolks and bought-in North Country Mules, lambing from mid-March to May
  • 25-cow spring calving suckler herd (Continental crosses)

Data-driven decisions are key for improving productivity in Neil Brown’s flock.

He’s an AHDB Strategic Sheep Farmer and has invested in EID technology to help monitor lamb growth rates and flock production.

Neil works closely with his vet, and wife, Emily from Marches Vet Group on flock and herd health planning.

The Browns routinely vaccinate all ewes and lambs against clostridial disease and pasteurellosis, and the use of EAE and toxoplasmosis vaccination has helped them overcome abortion concerns in the past few years.


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