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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassadors Mike & Gemma King

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassadors
Mike & Gemma King

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassadors Mike and Gemma King
  • Old Green Farm Dairy is located on the outskirts of Bristol
  • Sell raw milk direct to the public via two on-site vending machines, the remainder goes to First Milk
  • All cows AI-ed to breed own replacements
  • Block calve in July/August with a small beef calving block in February
  • Beef calves are sold to Blade farming at 2-3 weeks old

Giving their calves the best start in life is essential for Mike and Gemma King’s closed herd at Old Green Farm Dairy, and they cite colostrum management and hygiene as crucial for disease prevention.

The Kings have invested in technology to increase milk production and inform decision-making, using two Lely milking robots and cow collars for data insight. 

Working closely with The George Farm Vets in Malmesbury, Mike and Gemma routinely tag and test for BVD, monitor Johnes, and invest in lungworm vaccination for calves at turn-out.

Image of Mike and Gemma King, D?NOMF! ambassadors

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