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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador Jessica Langton

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador
Jessica Langton

Image of D?NOMF amabassador Jessica Langton
  • Fourth generation farmer on her family’s 140-acre dairy and beef farm in Derbyshire 
  • Milking 40 cows with plans to double herd size in the next two years 
  • Works part-time for Genus ABS as a RMS technician and has used her expertise to introduce Jersey and Norwegian genetics into her pedigree Friesian and Holstein herd for increased milk fat and protein 
  • Appointee on the NFU National Dairy Board 

A rising star in the industry, Jessica’s commitment to improving the health and productivity of her family’s dairy herd has been widely commended.

In 2021, she was awarded Agricultural Student of the Year at the British Farming Awards, and gained recognition for applying knowledge from her Animal Science degree to practical solutions on-farm.

Jessica works closely with Scarsdale Vets to monitor disease presence in her livestock and has recently implemented vaccination programmes against IBR, leptospirosis, rotavirus and coronavirus as a result. 


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