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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador Ian Alderson

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador
Ian Alderson

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassador Ian Alderson
  • Beef, sheep, poultry and arable farming
  • 430 acres near Craven Arms, Shropshire
  • 500 commercial ewes which lamb inside in February
  • British Blue, Limousin and Charolais X suckler herd and 150 store cattle sold to ABP every year
  • The Alderson family have run the same farm for four generations and were British Farming Award finalists for ‘Family Farming Business of the year’ in 2018

Mixed farmer Ian believes sharing knowledge and best practice with other farmers is an important benefit to the ambassador initiative.

He has previously been involved in the Sainsbury’s beef development group.

Ian is open to adapting his system to make improvements. In 2018 he and his son Jim started up a Spring-calving suckler herd, informed by Jim’s learnings from college and visiting farms overseas. 

The Aldersons work closely with Marches Veterinary Group on their flock and herd health plans. These include vaccination against pneumonia, rotavirus and coronavirus for the cattle as well as orf immunisation, nematodirus and coccidiosis drenches for the sheep.

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Follow Ian on Twitter @IanAlderson2541


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