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Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador Fraser Jones

Disease? Not On My Farm! Ambassador
Fraser Jones

Image of Disease? Not On My Farm! ambassador Fraser Jones


  • Farms across nine sites, with livestock mostly inside: two beef units, two youngstock units, three dairy units and arable
  • Located near Welshpool, Powys, employing 28 people including his dad
  • Currently milking 1,000 cows (Holstein/Friesians) to supply Müller
  • Rears all bull calves and sells through Buitelaar at 14 months

Overall herd health, sustainability and welfare are key priorities for Fraser, who continues to invest in vaccination and environmental improvements.

This has massively improved calf health issues in recent years. Working closely with his vet, Oli Hodgkinson, Trefaldwyn Vets, Fraser has successfully eradicated BVD from the herd and has subsequently seen a 30% reduction in antibiotic usage.

A new milking parlour built in 2019 with the latest innovations has helped to further improve herd health management.

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