Sheep Health

Many diseases are preventable. Losses are often accepted as inevitable, but may indicate a disease problem which can be addressed. Today’s sheep farmers have many options available to prevent diseases in their flock.

Some of the key sheep diseases that reduce productivity and increase costs are:


Sheep lameness, in particular footrot, is undoubtedly one of the most important health and welfare issues facing the UK sheep farmer.

Project LAMB image of lambs and sheep in the field.

When poorly controlled, sheep lameness causes visible pain, reduces performance and costs the sheep industry millions of pounds in terms of production loss, labour, treatments and premature culling.


- Toxoplasmosis
- Enzootic abortion

Undiagnosed infectious abortion agents within a flock can have a significant impact on the number of barren ewes, ewe mortality and lambs born alive and strong.

There are a number of forms of abortion, and obtaining an accurate diagnosis is important, so consult your vet at the very first sign of any abortion.

Find out more from the Flockmaster’s Guide to Abortion


Caused by a parapox virus, Orf is highly contagious and can affect sheep of all ages.
For information on the control and management of Orf, go to our Scabivax® Forte information sheet.

Clostridia and Pasteurella

Pasteurella and clostridia infections can strike any flock, without warning. The majority of cases are fatal and can lead to major economic losses.

Go to the PREVENTION page for more information.


- worms and fluke
- flies, lice, ticks and scab

For further information visit the SCOPS website.



Scabivax® Forte contains Orf virus. POM-V
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