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MSD Animal Health Aquaculture Research Bursary for Veterinary Surgeons & Fish Health Professionals

MSD Animal Health announced the launch of a new research bursary supporting the aquaculture industry in 2020. The new bursary was in addition to the two new bursaries introduced for swine and poultry and to the existing bursaries in ruminant and companion animal research.

The bursary is open to applications from veterinary surgeons and fish health professionals and is worth up to £4,000 for research into preventative health care or welfare within the aquaculture industry.

Image of a fish jumping out of water

Each project is expected to be completed within one to two years and the proposals will be judged by university academics from the University of Stirling to ensure independent assessment. 

The successful applicant will be encouraged to present or publish their findings, as a poster or abstract, at a relevant UK aquaculture conference.  

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