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The Vikings gave us shipbuilding and some cool words.
The Romans gave us roads and architecture.
Fleas give us nothing but itchiness, flea dirt 
and nasty diseases.

Big Flea Project flea risk imagery
Big Flea Project flea risk egg imagery
Big Flea Project flea risk imagery - family

Yep, diseases. Fleas don’t just make your four-legged friends itchy and scratchy. They don’t just trigger serious allergies in some pets, such as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), a really nasty eczema-like condition. They’re also carriers of diseases that your pet and your family can catch.

Three biggies are:

Cat scratch fever
A flu-like disease that can be caught by people – who may get a sky-high temperature, swollen lymph nodes, splitting headache and no desire to do or eat anything – not nice! Immune-compromised people are at higher risk.

Flea tapeworm
A major irritant that can infect dogs, cats and humans and the only ‘disease’ we’re studying that we can physically see. It’s also a visual warning that your pet may have been exposed to other dangers.

Flea-borne spotted fever
An emerging threat to human health recently identified in UK fleas – more thermometer-blowing fever and headaches, this time with achy muscles and a horrible rash.

Fight the invaders and help keep your whole family healthy too.


The Black Death, which wiped out tens of millions of people in the 14th and 15th centuries, was carried by fleas on rats and other rodents!